AOL Gold Helpline Number: +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free

AOL Desktop Gold is the finest version of AOL available for the users. Using AOL Desktop Gold, users got the solution to their technical problems. The newest version of AOL comes with tons of features to ease user’s lives. For the convenience of users, the new AOL Desktop Gold comes with a special security system. With the help of this security system, users can keep their accounts and data safe. The other feature that users get is that of automatic-updates. With the help of the automatic update feature, users will not have to update their systems after each update. Even after many of the useful features introduced by AOL, users can face problems with certain things. Therefore, the AOL Gold Support Number exists. By calling AOL Gold Helpline Number at +1-888-404-8414 Toll-free, users can get solutions to their problems from the comfort of their homes.

Problems of AOL Desktop Gold? Call Aol Gold Helpline Number : +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free

There are several problems that a user can get despite AOL Desktop Gold’s easy-to-use features. But, they can get solutions to their problems by calling AOL Gold Support Number +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free. The trained customer support executives can help users by solving their problems. Following are some of the problems that the users can face:

  • Slow speed/performance
  • Upgrades
  • Logging in
  • Installation/uninstallation

All the above-mentioned problems faced by the users are easy to solve, provided they call AOL Gold Helpline Number +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free.

How to solve AOL Desktop Gold problems? Call Aol Gold Helpline Number : +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free

By calling the AOL Gold Support Number at +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free, users can solutions to most of their problems. Following is the way to solve the common problems faced by the users:

Slow speed/performance: This is a common problem for the AOL Desktop Gold users. In a case like this, calling the AOL Gold Helpline Number will not be as useful. If a user calls the AOL Gold Support Number at +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free, the customer support executive will advise the user to clean their system. Therefore, in a situation like this, users must clear the junk off their systems and make 512MB space available; so that the AOL Desktop Gold can run smoothly.

Upgrades: This is another common problem faced by users. If a user faces problems like this, instead of calling the AOL Gold Helpline Number +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free, he/she can:

Check if there are any “corrupted files” on his/her system. If there are any such files, those must be deleted

Check if the internet connection is fine. Slow internet can hinder upgrades.

Install a strong antivirus system and scan system regularly.

Logging in: Sometimes the users can face issues while trying to log in to their accounts. The most common reason for facing issues while logging in is not being able to remember the password. In a case like that, users can change their password by clicking on “Forgot Password”. Also, If they find it difficult to log into their account even after changing their password, they can call AOL Gold Support Number at +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free. The customer support executives at AOL Gold Helpline Number can help users with this problem.

Other Problems for AOL Gold Users

.Installation/uninstallation: Users seldom find it difficult to install and uninstall AOL Desktop Gold. In a case like that, users can either follow the following steps or they can call the AOL Gold Helpline Number at +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free.

Aolg Gold Tech Number

Following are the steps for installation of AOL Desktop Gold:

  1. After making sure that there is 1GB RAM available, users can download the software from an authorized website.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  4. Install the AOL.exe file.
  5. Click on “install” and then click on “okay”.
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete.

Following are the steps for uninstalling the AOL Desktop Gold:

  1. Go to “control panel” of your system.
  2. Select “programs”.
  3. Click on “uninstall” after clicking right on AOL Desktop Gold.

Users can contact the AOL Gold Support Number if they face any problems with the AOL Desktop Gold. AOL Gold Helpline Number +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free which makes it free for you to get your query resolved. Thus, with the help of AOL Gold Support Number, users can get their problems solved for free of charge. Call +1-888-404-8414 Toll-Free for 24*7 assistance from the trained customer support executives.

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